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I have a method in one of my controllers that gets a percentage from row count on a table and a given total_lines value which is called via AJAX in one of my views.


public function pending(){
    $this->layout = false;
    $id = $this->request->data['id']; //foreign key
    $line_count = $this->request->data['line_count']; //total line count

    $options = array(
        'conditions' => array(
            'fk_id' => $id
    $total_lines = $this->Model->find('count', $options);

        $pending = array('pending' => false);
        $pending = array('pending' => round(($line_count / $total_lines) * 100, 0));

JSON output



<script type="text/javascript">
    var getProgress = $.ajax({
        async: true,
        url: "<?php echo BASE_URL.DS.'controller'.DS.'pending';?>",
        data: {
            xml_id: "<?php echo $id;?>",
            line_count: "<?php echo $line_count;?>"
        dataType: "json",
        type: 'post'
          getProgress.done(function(data) {
    }, 10000);

This is called after another AJAX call initiates a long running script however the find in pending() always returns false, any suggestions?

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set debug level 3 and share output query for find() in pending(). –  Anubhav Jan 28 at 2:05

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