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So I have this controller action:

    def search
       # Fetch books based on search term
       @books = Book.joins(:ads).uniq.page(params[:page])

Which searches for books. This action is called by submitting the search form (get), but also by AJAX request while the user is typing.

I also have this .js.erb view file to handle the AJAX request from the user:

$('#main-content').html("<%= escape_javascript(render template: 'books/search_results.html.erb') %>");

and corresponding javascript (and search_results.html.erb of course)...And everything works perfectly!

Now for my problem: I'm currently trying to implement a 'load more results'-button. I already have a regular pagination working fine (will_paginate gem), but I really want my users to be able to just append more results to the current page, rather than doing normal pagination. The AJAX stuff is really not the problem (I have working jquery code for 'Load more results'), the problem is how to make the action distinguish between the two requests and serve up different views to the browser depending on if books should be appended to existing query or if it should render new search results.

I was thinking maybe a conditional inside the search_results.js.erb *, but I'm really not sure..

Sorry if I haven't made myself 100% clear, i'd be glad to rephrase myself and maybe explain better.


* Something like (in pseudo code):

if user clicked load more


else if user did new search


EDIT: Solved! (in comment) Don't know if this is considered an ok way of doing it, but it did the job :) Feel free to comment if you think there is a better solution

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Sorry guys! Solved it just now. just made a flag in the controller action and then if params[:page] then @flag = true end <-- 'load more results' was called, and then checked the condition in search_results.js.erb. This way it was easy to serve up different views to the user depending on the request –  oyvindhauge Jan 28 at 3:56

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