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Dragging with hammer.js working fine on desktop browsers. Fired continuously till dragEnd. But on iPad it fires only once.

hammer(container).on( 'drag', function (e) {, e);}, false );

//onDragStart we init this.start = e.pageX

onDragging : function (e) { 
var diff=this.start-e.pageX;

in order to get smooth Dragging of timeline but the Drag event is only fired one time and not continuously.

moveTimeLine() moves timeline by specified pixels so it's taking some time to reflect. and ultimately dragging event called only once. Even I do dragging slowly.

Is there any way drag event fires when user move finger on iPad ?????

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Check out

Just add e.preventDefault() to your function and you should be good to go.

EDIT: If the solution is not that easy for you (perhaps you need native scrolling on the vertical axis) have a look at this thread:

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