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The button is shown in the debug view toolbar only (simple left-to-right arrow), not in the main toolbar. The action is mentioned in Debugger auto reload documentioan but there is no documentation about it in either Eclipse or PyDev documentation. Also, it is always disabled when code editor is in-focus.

I was actually looking for the Run To Line action which has no button in the PyDev debug view but I found that the shortcut (ctrl-R) works despite that the button is hidden.

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It should be enabled in the debug view.

The Set Next Statement will set the next line to execute. It must be inside the same context (i.e.: same method and if inside a try..except it has to be inside that same try clause -- this is a Python limitation).

So, if you want in a debug session and you're in the middle of a function, you can just use the set next statement to be a different place, such as the start of your function.

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There is perhaps a little more information on the pydev code mailing list:

We propose to add a new debugging feature in PyDev i.e. 'Set Next Statement' wherein we will prevent the 'Set Next' target to be within a 'For' or 'While' loop.

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