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I am using Laravel to build a simple Movie management System.

When a User creates a Movie in my DB, I use the following

public function store()
    $input = Input::except('_token');
    $id = Helpers::loggedInUser()->id;
    $input['creator_id'] = $id;
    return Redirect::back()->withSuccess( trans('main.created successfully') );

This successfully passes the users id and stores in it a creator_id field

I want to restrict users from editing Movies which they did not create. So in the edit function I have

public function edit($title)
    $title = $this->title->byURi( e($title) );      
    $id = Helpers::loggedInUser()->id;
    if ( $titleuser = $id )
        return View::make('Titles.Edit')->withTitle($title)->withType('movies');


However, this does not seem to work. Anyone with a movie.edit permission in my sentry user db can still see the view.

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If you compare two variables you have to use two equal signs, otherwise you set the first variable to the value of the second.

if ( $titleuser == $id )
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Thanks Genius. Works now! – Stephenmelb Jan 29 '14 at 8:10

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