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I used the following code to connect R to my own MySQL server (i.e. localhost server).

con <- dbConnect(MySQL(),user="root",password="********",dbname="try",host="localhost")

dbListTables(con) # to see what all tables the database has

#data(test) (shows error becuase its not yet in R, its still on server)

dbListFields(con, 'test')  #to see what all fields the table has

rs <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM test") #data is still on the server

data <- fetch(rs, n = -1) #using fetch to bring data into R

Now I have to connect to someone else's MySQL server (i.e. their IP would be different, the server would be on their system/machine) to get the data from them.

So, what all details do I need and what all modification do I need to do in the code?

Thank You.

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Set the correct host (remote server domain name or at a pinch, dotted IP address), user name and password as defined by the admin of the remote MySQL server. Isn't that obvious?

Once that's set in con <- dbConnect(... everything should be the same.

con <- dbConnect(MySQL(),user="fred",password="********",dbname="try",host="yoursql.wherever.com")

Note you might have problems if your local network policy blocks any of the ports that MySQL uses.

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