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I have Two different UITableView with two Navigation Controller. I want to display one of them after touching a UIButton in first Table. In iPhone I use following code

SecondNavigationController second = [SecondNavigationController new];
[self presentModalViewController:second animated:YES];

Note that first is first TableViewController; And second navigation controller it self initiate a UITableView and display it using following code in it's ViewDidLoad method.

SecondTableViewController *root = [SecondTableViewController new];
[self pushViewController:root animated:NO];

Note that first TableView uses application root view controller in iPhone to display it! And it perfectly works.

In iPad, on the other hand, I use a splitViewController which shows first table view on the left side screen.

I want to show second TableView in the left side too. But above code is not working perfectly. It covers all of iPad screen.

How can I show second UITableView

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You need a conditional check which does (pseudo code):

If iPhone
    Run current logic
    Create a second view controller and push to self.navigationController
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Push view controller cause it display full screen. I need to show it to left side of a split view controller! –  Amir Abbas Kashani Jan 28 at 8:35
Push, not present. Push into the master navigation controller –  Wain Jan 28 at 10:01
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