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I'm writing the following HTML markup:

<span> Some Text
    <div id="ch">татата</div>

and styles:

    border: 1px solid black;
    width: 300px;
    height: 300px;
    background: aqua;
    background: yellow;   


Q1: Why height attribute doesn't apply to a div element which inside the span, but width is applied. Q2: Why right border of span is missing?

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It's not valid to use block element inside inline element. –  Justinas Jan 28 at 8:53
Careless mistakes are to be regreted. Check yourself twice before asking –  vengets Jan 28 at 9:06
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Your markup is incorrect ( plus missing semi-colon as quoted by Steini, mentioning this for sake of completeness of answer )

Answer 1 : span is an inline element, so having a div inside span is a bad idea, also, it would be better, if you nest span inside span and give inner span display:block property!

Answer 2 : add display:block to span to change the default behavior

working fiddle with correct markup

fiddle with the layout you wanted

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span display:inline you must set it display:inline-block
but this not standard you must use div span always use for text your fiddle demo

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Because you are missing a semicolon after height: 100px <- this ; is missing in you css file

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span is an inline element so it will not take notice of your height and width. For this you need to give it either:

display:block; or display: inline-block

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span is an inline-element, while div ist not. you should consider swapping them..

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