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Modelsim, an HDL simulator, allows you to specify the font used by the output. Fixed width fonts allow for more orderly output, but many fixed width fonts are not easy on the eyes. What would you recommend? I currently use Lucida Console.

I've tried Inconsolata and Consolas per some recommendations, but Modelsim does not render them well at 10 point. I'm not sure why.

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See the answers to this question: Recommended Fonts for Programming?

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ProFont is a very good fixed-width font. You can find it here for various operating systems.

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Agreed. Consolas is Microsoft's new fixed-width font for Windows Vista and offers a lot of compelling features, including easy readability. It was also made to work well with ClearType technology. If you want to see a comparison between it and Courier New, check out the Wikipedia page.


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The Terminus font is popular in Linux, at least. A page with plenty of samples at different sizes is here, search on the page for "Terminus".

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Droid Sans Mono and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono are both liberally licensed and very readable to my eyes (far more so than any fonts that ship with Windows, including Lucida Console).

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Andale Mono fits the bill for me. I don't know what it is about modelsim, but it seems to render fonts in a peculiar way. A lot of the other ones did not look so good, like they were too anti-aliased. Not the font's fault I think.

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