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Is there a naming convention for dart packages? Is there maybe a document that describes patterns? I have trouble figuring out naming convention for package names that consist of multiple words. For example should I use placeView, PlaceView, place_view,... or something else...

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I'm not aware of a style guide on this but on the Api doc the packages are lowercase_with_underscore. So that's the convention I use to use.

EDIT : This is actually documented on the name section of Pubspec Format documentation.

It should be all lowercase, with underscores to separate words, just_like_this. Stick with basic Latin letters and Arabic digits: [a-z0-9_] and ensure that it’s a valid Dart identifier (i.e. doesn’t start with digits and isn’t a reserved word).

Try to pick a name that is clear, terse, and not already in use.

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Actually this is documented. See the answer of @nex3 –  Alexandre Ardhuin Jan 29 at 7:42

There doesn't seem to be a convention for it, but most of the time, I see lowercase_words_with_underscore being used, both for libraries and packages.

For libraries inside packages, some people also use dots for grouping, for example my_package.lib_1 and my_package.lib_2.

It's all personal preference, I guess.

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The style guide covers the names of libraries and source files but not the naming of packages. But I agree it's almost the same thing. –  Alexandre Ardhuin Jan 28 at 9:44
@AlexandreArdhuin I totally got those two confused. But yeah, the lowercase_with_underscore holds true for both. –  MarioP Jan 28 at 10:26

All the package conventions are documented on pub.dartlang.org. The package naming conventions in particular are documented on the pubspec format page.

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I only found this https://code.google.com/p/dart/issues/detail?id=5094

  • That the package name follows the naming conventions (valid Dart identifier, doesn't conflict with any reserved words, all lower case).
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