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So my code looks like this

**Procedure DisplayMenu;
      Writeln('Hello, ' ,PlayerName);
      Writeln('1. Be Guesser');
      Writeln('2. Let The Computer Guess');
      Writeln('9. Quit');
    *Until MainMenuChoice=(1) or (2) or (9);*
  End; //Procedure//**

And I would be very grateful if someone could explain to me where I have gone wrong.

I think the error is with the Until MainMenuChoice=(1) or (2) or (9); part.

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You are comparing the value of MainMenuChoice to the value created by OR'ing the bits of the three test values together, which produces 11. So your code is actually doing this:

Until MainMenuChoice = 11; 

To compare it again the three individual values, use a Set instead:

Until MainMenuChoice in [1, 2, 9];

However, assuming MainMenuChoice is a Char then Readln() is going to return the character that the user actually typed, not its numeric value, so use this instead:

Until MainMenuChoice in ['1', '2', '9'];
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I also have a problem with an error 'record, object or class type required'. Would you be able to help me with this also? –  LittleJosh Jan 28 at 9:57
What is MainMenuChoice actually declared as? Please update your question with a SSCCE. –  Remy Lebeau Jan 28 at 10:02
MainMenuChoice is a global variable, declared as an integer. –  LittleJosh Jan 28 at 10:18

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