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I need to send and load JSON data to and from a PHP script on a different domain and while the variables were passed, nothing is returned. (has Jquery $post() routine to send and load data) to (php script outputs JSON data) <-- this receives data, but response is not sent to requesting script.

Of course this is due to browser security restricting cross site scripting stuffs.

I've read a bit about JSONP but that's just another extra step.

I remember when I used to do FLASH, i would just uload a policy file to the server on a different domain where I would load data from and everything would just work.

Is there anything like that for JavaScript? if not, WHY the HECK not?! Seems to me like it's a legit, hassle free solution, that's just about as secure as JSONP method, or even more so.


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No, there is no way to influence this by a setting on a server. You either have to download the script from the domain, you'll be querying or you have to create a PHP (or any other server side script), that will relay the request to other domain for you. – px1mp Jan 28 '14 at 10:07
thanks for the confirmation, though it's unfortunate news.. I have no problem w/ PHP but this time it's JS function that needs to load the data. – BrownChiLD Jan 28 '14 at 10:09
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Since you say "it's Javascript that needs to load the data", I gather this is running in some browser. In this case, the browser is enforcing security, as fas as I know, and fiddling with the server( script)s will not help.

Chrome has a command-line option to turn off XS security (--disable-web-security), and Firefox has a setting in about:config (I think, can't find it right now... sorry).

But I guess there's reason to these security settings in the first place... ;-)

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thanks. perhaps if i get desperate I'll turn off web-security feature in the browser for my intranet applications .. lol – BrownChiLD Jan 28 '14 at 13:20

Are you trying to load it on the client? Using PHP+cURL it should be no problem on the server side. If you really need to load cross domain content on the client side you could use the Cross Domain jQuery plugin (uses YQL internally)

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thanks but that's still another process / dependency. I'm trying to avoid more complications, trying to keep things bare/simple. – BrownChiLD Jan 28 '14 at 13:19

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