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So I am setting a variable to be used in view. This happens during a form POST. Maybe this can give some hints to someone.

public function confirm_card(){
            if(!isset ($this->data['UserPayment']) && empty($this->data['UserPayment'])){
                $this->Session->setFlash(__d('payments', 'Select payment method', true), 'flash_error');
                foreach($this->data['UserPayment'] as $key=>$up){                    

And in view

echo $paytype;

Result in view

Notice (8): Undefined variable: paytype

The key is returned as it should be so no empty values there. This should be very basic... I am missing something here?

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Try with

$this->set('paytype', $key);



The problem was !empty($up) vs $up != '' ?

$up is normally 0 or 1 ?

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maybe $this->set('paytype', $key); I did that already and it's not working –  Herod Jan 28 at 10:27
you were right, yes –  cornelb Jan 28 at 10:27
why are you using $this->redirect($this->render()); ? Maybe you want to do $this->redirect($this->referer()); ? You are only setting paytype in the else. –  cornelb Jan 28 at 10:30
da, corect :) haha, but anyway that was not the issue here. This is strange coz it should just work... –  Herod Jan 28 at 10:32
ah one more thing maybe this is important. this is happening after a POST –  Herod Jan 28 at 10:53

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