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I'm using the node js and mongodb for my application.Jade is the template engine for views. In my administrator page contain the tinymce control to create pages, and it will be stored into mongodb. From server can load the content and apply for object and passing object to client.Bellow paragraph comes from mongodb and assign to object to pass client.

"shortdescription":"<p>Adding to the more cautious price forecasts, the jewellery demand in the first half of 2014 is expected to drop 16% according to GFMS. Jewellery demand reached 2,198 tonnes last year, a five-year high. However, if India does relax the draconian import curb on gold, as recommended by Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi, the pent-up demand for gold would help gold prices this year</p>"
app.get('/displayGeneralnewsForUser/:id',function(req,res) {
    GN.getGeneralNewsById(req.param('id'),function(error,generalnews) {
        if(error) {
        }else {
            res.render('generalnewsforuser', { title : 'Generalnews' , newsdetails : generalnews } );

In my jade file i have code like,

                img(src=newsdetails.imagename width="310" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" vspace="0")
                    = ' ' + newsdetails.shortdescription
                = ' ' + newsdetails.longdescription

If i use like above my out contain with html tags, but i have to display with the format of tinymce created, don't display html tags. How to do this in jade template. If i can get the node js variable into client javascript function means i can apply like $('element').html(variable), so that i can able to show tinymce content with format. Please help anyone.

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Apologies if I have misunderstood but are you simply asking how to display unescaped html fragments? In which case you need to use !=newsdetails.shortdescription with the != instead of = as Jade will escape output by default. Just be aware of the security concerns when using this with user input. –  adamK Jan 28 at 11:59

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