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I have a problem with the parameter of a function:

let createWorkflowList (scenario : ScenarioConfiguration.DomainTypes.ScenarioConfiguration) =
let arrayWorkflow = Array.create (scenario.Workflows.GetWorkflows().Length) emptyWorkflow
let workflowRow = ref 0
for workflow in scenario.Workflows.GetWorkflows() do
    let workflowInfo =
            Id = workflow.Id
            RunType = workflow.RunType
            TestType = workflow.TestType
    arrayWorkflow.[!workflowRow] <- workflowInfo
    incr workflowRow
List.ofArray arrayWorkflow

let workflowList = createWorkflowList (XmlReader.ScenarioConfiguration.DomainTypes.ScenarioConfiguration)

The Problem come here on the parameter of createWorkflowList.

Here is the scenario:

let scenarioConfig = """
    <ScenarioConfiguration ScenarioName="structure">
    <Reagent TrackPos="1" TubePos="1" Type="ABC" />
    <Reagent TrackPos="2" TubePos="2" Type="DEF" ReservoirType="12345678AA" />
    <Consumable DwpType="EG" MwpType="AD">
    <Samples StartTrackPositions="10">
            <Sample Test="HBV" SampleMatrix="DilutedSerumOrPlasma" Number="5" />
            <Sample Test="HBV" SampleMatrix="DilutedSerumOrPlasma" Number="5" />
        <Workflow Id="4b5d8db9-cb3b-446c-96ed-ca6bc6f36b9a" RunType="Full" TestType="HBV" />
        <Workflow Id="a53b74ec-7fa0-41ad-9670-30f2b204f27f" RunType="Full" TestType="HCV" />
        <Workflow Id="2ccb5b0f-1df7-4f84-8ee9-3c46d996d203" RunType="Full" TestType="HIV-1" />

type ScenarioConfiguration = XmlProvider<Sample = scenarioConfig>

Can someone help me to find a solution, how to change the function or the call of the function?

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Can you give a precise error that you get? It looks like your indentation is a bit off -- the code that belongs to your function should be indented further. Also, the call to createWorkflowList looks like it's passing a type but not a value to the function. –  MisterMetaphor Jan 28 '14 at 10:28
It looks like it could work if you'd change the call to createWorkflowList (ScenarioConfiguration.Parse scenarioConfig). –  MisterMetaphor Jan 28 '14 at 10:32
thank you MisterMetaphor, but now I become a MatchFailureException after, when I want to change it to XElement for the Xml document. –  ThomasFey Jan 28 '14 at 11:01

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