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I am using Membership in .net web application. I have the following web.config configuration...

  <profile ...>


               <add name="FirstName"/>
               <add name="LastName"/>
               <add name="DateOfBirth" type="DateTime"/>

I inserted data using the following code segment, which affected the aspnet_profile database table.

    dynamic profile = ProfileBase.Create("Username");
    profile.Initialize("Username", true);
    profile.FirstName = "someFirstName";
    profile.LastName = "someLastName";

Now please anyone suggest me how to retrieve this data.

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Now please anyone suggest me how to retrieve this data.

You can use System.Web.Profile.ProfileManager and then its API like FindProfilesByUserName(), GetAllProfiles() etc.

Here is already a solved thread.

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thank you @ramiramilu. Great help. – Emon Emoni Jan 28 '14 at 11:59
If my post helps, can you please mark it as answer, that would help others to find out solutions pretty quick. – ramiramilu Jan 28 '14 at 12:00

This is what i did to retrieve profile property value...

string Firstname = ProfileBase.Create("UserName").GetPropertyValue("FirstName").toString();
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