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I used this code

position: relative !important; }

in my test blog http://spideradvices.blogspot.ro/2014/01/test-3.html but is not working, i can't change the original position in the template but is there a way to force this to relative?

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Seems to be working on linked page...tested in Chrome 32 + Dev tools –  Paulie_D Jan 28 at 11:16
where is closing } in #header-container{ ...??? also,please provide jsfiddle.. :) –  NoobEditor Jan 28 at 11:17
I have chrome too and that header-container remains fixed on top and not scrolling with the page Works only on home page, not on post pages. Here's a printscreen lh4.googleusercontent.com/-NaToceLKtJU/UueSpojnqAI/AAAAAAAABps/… –  Pescu Vili Jan 28 at 11:22
Why give us a link to a working version? Give us a link to a non-working page –  Paulie_D Jan 28 at 11:26
Ok, i think i did't explain well. I want that header-container to scroll with the page, but it remains fixed on top in post pages. The code works only on home page. –  Pescu Vili Jan 28 at 11:29

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It seems that there is nothing wrong with header-container. But I can see position:fixed on .viewitem-panel div.

So, Remove fixed from .viewitem-panel div or overwrite with your class.

To scroll, you should also remove the following CSS

body.viewitem-open {
overflow: hidden;
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