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I'm just mucking around with codeIgniter, doing the video tutes etc. was wondering if you can specify markup output to follow strict html, I've noticed that helper form inputs etc. have a closing slash, that is contradictory to HTML 4 Strict.

Is it a case of just using xhtml for this framework because that's what it's mostly geared towards, or can I override it?

Tried searching documentation but can't really find anything!

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If you look at '/system/helpers/form_helper.php', you can see the the closing slash is hard-coded into the return strings. You could extend the form helper by creating MY_form_helper.php in your application directory and modify this behavior.

See "Extending" Helpers

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Ah ok, that seems like the thing to do then, shame there isn't a built in feature to easily swap output, thanks for the help! –  stikoo Feb 3 '10 at 13:14

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