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I am looking for a Regular expression to match only numeric strings with special characters and of size 4+. I did a little review on the questions posted in here:

Testing website: http://regexlib.com/RETester.aspx

1- regular expression for numeric and special chacter check

Solution: ^((?!.*?\d)(?!.*?[^\w\s]).)+$

I tried this regular expression on:

  • 155-555: No match (wrong)
  • 155555: No match (wrong)

2- Regular Expression to match a string of numbers including special characters

Solution: ([-()_.+ ]*\d[-()_.+ ]*){4,}

  • 155-555: match (correct)
  • 155555: match (correct)
  • 155-555aaa: match (wrong)

This regular expressions matched the previous strings. But there is an error. The third string 155-555aaa contains alphabet letters and not special characters. We should have no match for 155-555aaa since a is not a special character. How can I modify this regular expression to only match numeric string with special characters. The numeric string can be of any form:

example: 24332-2432@2342-1234

Special Characters : [&~#"{'[(|-`_\ç^à@)]}=}^¨$$*%ù]

numeric = digits

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What's a "special character"? Is ぷ special? –  MSalters Jan 28 at 11:28
ok Special Characters: [&~#"{'[(|-`_\ç^à@)]}=}^¨$$*%ù] –  Hani Goc Jan 28 at 11:29
How about How about: [^a-zA-Z]{4,}? –  Uri Y Jan 28 at 11:29

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Just match anything that isn't [a-zA-Z] (with a length of 4 or more):


Here is a test on RegexPal.

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Very interesting. So u negate all the letters right? –  Hani Goc Jan 28 at 11:31
Yes, hence [^a-z] as opposed to [a-z] –  Bojangles Jan 28 at 11:33
He negates all letters, but also matches the beginning (^) and the end ($) of the string, which is how he prevents "155-555aaa" from being a match. –  Dane Jan 28 at 11:37
Note that spaces will also match this negation, so (3 4 5 6 7 8) is a match, as are (1 2) and even just a bunch of spaces. –  Dane Jan 28 at 11:40
@Dane thanks for the heads up. I've edited my answer so the regex now rejects whitespace –  Bojangles Jan 28 at 11:59

The numeric string can be of any form.

You can use this regex:

^[-()@_.+ 0-9]{4,}$
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With the update special characters=[&~#"{'[(|-``_\ç^à@)]}=}^¨$*%ù] the class for "special or digit" becomes just [0-9&~#"{'[(|-``_\ç^à@)]}=}^¨$*%ù] and the full regex becomes ^[0-9&~#"{'[(|-``_\ç^à@)]}=}^¨$*%ù]{4,}$.

But it's rather suspicious that ù is special and ú isn't.

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