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here's my question.

I have an Infragistics UltraGrid with several columns. I want to have the next scenario: let's say I have 4 rows, then I move mouse over row 0 column 3, click and move mouse with clicked left mouse button to the bottom of the grid. In this case I have 4 selected cells ([0, 3], [1,3], [2,3], [3,3]) so grid.Selected.Cells.Count = 4. OK, now I want to enter some number. For that purpose in KeyPress event I have the line:


Expectation result: grid.Selected.Cells.Count = 3. (as far as one of the selected cells now in edit mode) Actual result: End after this line I have grid.Selected.Cells.Count = 0.

So I'm wondering is this a native behavior and if so can I somehow change this situation?

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I think that this is a normal behavior of any grid control. When you click on any cell you loose the current selection. –  Steve Jan 28 at 11:43
Yeah, I think so. One thing that makes me inconvenient is that vb6 control has different behavior: it remembers selected cells. So as a result I thought that I can simulate this situation in .net world –  Viaches Jan 28 at 11:48
I checked this behavior in winforms datagridview, i am getting the expected behavior. Try using grid.PerformAction(UltraGridAction.EnterEditMode, false,true) –  Junaith Jan 28 at 13:46
Thanks for the reply! I've tried your propose but still no success... Also have tried (UltraGridAction.EnterEditMode, true, false) even if it doesn't make sense in my case –  Viaches Jan 28 at 14:18

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I've received the answer from Infragistics support and no, this is impossible to make my scenario: http://www.infragistics.com/community/forums/p/86476/431344.aspx#431344

Thank you all for replies!

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