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I have a app with search functionality. The index page displays all the items in the database. Also when I search my products it works using AJAX. How to add AJAX functionality to my pagination? I'm using Kaminari for my pagination.

          $(function() {

               $( "#name" ).autocomplete({
                    source: "shirts/autocomplete",
                    autoFocus: false,
                    minLength: 1,
                    select: function(event,ui){
                document.getElementById("name").value = ui.item.value;

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It depends on your controller also. If the controller's response is the whole page it will reload no matter what. Just respond back the JSON with data maybe –  Felipe Skinner Jan 28 at 12:44

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Simply add to your pagination link remote: true or handle it with javascript and then in your controller:

if request.xhr?
  render json: @products # ajax request
  render layout: true # standard layout

You will have to catch 'ajax:success' in your javascript and append the recieved products.

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I've added 'remote:true' in my pagination link, but it still isn't working. <div id="paginator"><%= paginate @first, :remote => true %></div>. Then in my .js.erb file I've added '$("#container").html("<%= escape_javascript(render "shirt/first")%>"); $("#paginator").html('<%= escape_javascript(paginate(@first, :remote => true).to_s) %>');'. But then when I click next, it says internal server error. –  Raghuveer Jan 29 at 4:39
Check if you've passed the kaminari pagination correctly here. If the problem isn't there, paste what your server log says (what exactly is that 500). –  Piotr Kruczek Jan 29 at 10:30

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