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I work in a company that their acronym is something like XyZ (uppercase followed by lowercase than followed by uppercase again).

This word is spread across all our namespaces. When I run FxCop against our projects it accuses IdentifiersShouldBeCasedCorrectly (CA1709). The suggestion is to capitalize just the first letter (what I don't want).

How do I make FxCop understand that the word XyZ is known, spelled correctly and properly cased? (In other words, that is well-written).

I added the word to the CustomDictionary.xml file: I've added to Recognized words; Unrecognized words; and alsoAcronyms with CasingExceptions. None of these made any effect.

I also verified that FxCop is indeed reading the custom dictionary file, when I add another word in the acronym it stops reporting as a casing error as expected (but only for all caps words).

I'm using FxCop 1.36 (the GUI one) with C# projects.


Adding just Xy to casing exceptions seems to make FxCop ignore XyZ as I want.

Still not a great solution since it will allow wrong words like XyX or XyW when the (only) correct one is XyZ.

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No, the suggestion is not to capitalize the whole thing. The .NET naming convention is to use Abc, even if it is normally always written ABC, or in your case AbC. This is explained directly on the page you link to, which also includes some examples of that rule: SQL (not mentioned there) and XML (mentioned there) are normally always fully capitalized, but in .NET classes and methods, become Sql and Xml. –  hvd Jan 28 at 12:10
@hvd, you're right; corrected. My problem remains the same though. –  talles Jan 28 at 12:12
Personally, I'd just suppress the FxCop rule: the detection of a violation of the rule is correct, and the violation of the rule is intentional, so diagnosing it doesn't help you. But I can understand that that may not be your preferred solution. –  hvd Jan 28 at 12:15
I agree with @hvd. By the rule FxCop is imposing, the "correct" way to use the term XyZ as part of an identifier is Xyz. Either follow the rule and rename any case of XyZStuff as XyzStuff and so on, or else turn off the rule because you've consciously decided not to follow it. –  Jon Hanna Jan 28 at 12:51
@JonHanna, yeah but it would be a poor solution to ignore the rule (that I want to follow for all other cases) just because I can't add the company name as an exception. This is not only a matter of a single developer in a single project, this will later become a step in our continuous integration server (affecting the whole development team). I still hope to find something better. –  talles Jan 28 at 12:56

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You can add XyZ to an FxCop dictionary - see How to: Customize the Code Analysis Dictionary.

Code Analysis uses a built-in dictionary to check identifiers in your code for
errors in spelling, grammatical case, and other naming conventions of the .NET
Framework guidelines. You can create a custom dictionary Xml file to add, 
remove, or modify terms, abbreviations, and acronyms to the built-in dictionary.


            <Acronym>NESW</Acronym>   <!-- North East South West -->

Terms in the Dictionary/Acronyms/CasingExceptions node are applied to the following code analysis rules:

CA1709: Identifiers should be cased correctly
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I've tried before and didn't work for (for casing as XyZ). –  talles Jan 28 at 12:51

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