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I have a a Java program which reads a System property


and I have a Gradle build file that I start with

gradle test -Pcassandra.ip=


gradle test -Dcassandra.ip=

however System.getProperty will always return null.

The only way I found was to add that in my Gradle build file via

test {
    systemProperty "cassandra.ip", ""

How Do I do it via -D

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What happens when you use gradle -Dcassandra.ip= Anyway, the test task forks one or several new JVMs. So you'll have to pass properties explicitely. Nobody forces you to hardcode their value in the build, though. – JB Nizet Jan 28 '14 at 13:08
Also take a look in this answer:… – IgalS Dec 25 '14 at 7:52
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The -P flag is for gradle properties, and the -D flag is for JVM properties. Because the test may be forked in a new JVM, the -D argument passed to gradle will not be propagated to the test - it sounds like that is the behavior you are seeing.

You can use the systemProperty in your test block as you have done but base it on the incoming gradle property by passing it with it -P:

test {
    systemProperty "cassandra.ip", project.getProperty("cassandra.ip")

or alternatively, if you are passing it in via -D

test {
    systemProperty "cassandra.ip", System.getProperty("cassandra.ip")
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Came across this very much problem, except i don't want to list all properties given on the commandline in the gradle script again. Therefore i send all system properties to my test

task integrationTest(type: Test) {
    options {
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