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Guys I have this script that almost works, it works correctly in a powershell window but not if I call it using the command line below declaring the UserName variable

UserLookup.ps1 -UserName username

Here's the script

param ( $UserName )
$Searcher =  [ADSISearcher]"(sAMAccountName=$UserName)"
$UserResult =  $Searcher.FindOne()
If ($UserResult -eq $Null) {0}
Else {1}

If I run it like this in the powershell window its fine

param ( $UserName )
$Searcher =  [ADSISearcher]"(sAMAccountName=username)"
$UserResult =  $Searcher.FindOne()
If ($UserResult -eq $Null) {0}
Else {1}


PS D:\PowerShellScripts> D:\PowerShellScripts\UserLookup.ps1 1

What this should do is take a variable passed to the script and searches a global catalogue for a user account to test if it exists or not. I then need to get the 1 or 0 result into my $UserNameResult variable but I can't figure out how to do it.

Any help gratefully received


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What happens when you call the script with the parameter -UserName username? Do you get no output or an error? If you're trying to catch the output have your tried $UserNameResult = .\UserLookup.ps1 -UserName someusername? – Keith Hill Jan 28 '14 at 15:22

I would assign the variable directly to the script.

$UserNameResult = .\UserLookup.ps1 -UserName $username
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