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Trying to add Code Completion Hints to my own objective-c header files by checking some 3rd library headers.Looking if There is Code Completion Standarts in Xcode5 similar to VisualStudio.
I saw "//! description" (without quotas) working very well.

//! well seems working as a code completion hint
-(void)myMethod:(BOOL)myParam1 (NSString*)myParam2;

My Question 1: how can I add a linebreak ?

//! well seems working as a code completion hint
//! but this second line seems added into first description in code completion hint
-(void)myMethod:(BOOL)myParam1 (NSString*)myParam2;

My Question 2: looking for a standart similar to this

//! <method>myMethod:does something good.</method>
//! <param> (BOOL)myParam1:is first parameter </param>
//! <param> (NSString*)myParam2:is second parameter </param>
-(void)myMethod:(BOOL)myParam1 (NSString*)myParam2;

may you refer me a documentation about "//! description" (without quotas) how to ? looking some standarts about "how to code add description standarts in xcode for objective-c"

(for sharing any ideas and knowledges;thanks.)

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I use javadoc format, which seems to work OK:

 * Summary of method.
 * A bit more detail, if you really must know stuff.
 * @code
 * Some sample code.
 * @endcode
 * @see http://stackoverflow.com
 * @param p1 A parameter, no less.
 * @param p2 Another parameter.
 * @return YES if it's Wednesday, else NO.

See this article for more.

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