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I created an app that uses Core Image (CIDetector, CIDetectorTypeFace) for face detection (tracking) in realtime. Something similar to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_XiwtoorLk I wonder how can I filter the face position and size in order to have something smooth. I guess I have to use a low pass or high pass filter, but not sure how can I do it. Does anyone have an idea or recommendation? I saw an app doing something like that, but I don't remember it. Thanks for help.

EDIT: When I say filtering, this is what I mean: Left: What I receive from core image when a face is detected. Right: The filtered signal from the left.

enter image description here

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You'll want to look more into object tracking in general. This post suggests using Kalman filters, which may be your best bet.

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Thanks for reply. I edited my post to clarify that. –  Ricardo Jan 31 at 11:23
I've updated my answer. –  wbest Jan 31 at 15:05
Thanks a lot. That's what I was looking for, although it's a bit difficult. A low pass filter perhaps could also do the trick. –  Ricardo Feb 2 at 22:15

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