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Can anyone help to get the correct .NET (C# or VB.NET) of the following query:

> db.usercollection.find( {}, { username:1, _id: 0 } )
   { "username" : "testuser1" }
   { "username" : "testuser2" }
   { "username" : "testuser3" }

Basically I only want to return certain fields of the document. Also is there anyway mongodb c# driver will convert the result into a json format that can populate a grid (extjs grid) or chart, without me doing the conversion explicitly.

 Using mongo.RequestStart(db)
        Dim collection = db.GetCollection(Of BsonDocument)("usercollection").FindAll()
        Dim collection3 = db.GetCollection(Of BsonDocument)("usercollection").
                        Find({}, {"username:1", "_id:0"})

The collection3 line is not correct.

Tried the following too:

        For Each ruleSet In collection
            Dim rules As String = ruleSet.GetValue(0).AsString
            response = rules & response

But this gives error:

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If you want to limit the results to specific fields you need to use SetFields on the MongoCursor like so:

MongoCursor<BsonDocument> cursor = _db.GetCollection<BsonDocument>.FindAll(); // or any other query

MongoD uses BSON which means Binary JSON. If you want to use it as a JSON use the extension method:

BsonDocument document;
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Thanks a million. Just one more additional question: how do I limit only the username and not include _id (objectId)...d=[{ "_id" : ObjectId("52d2f2b3c60804b25bc5d2ca"), "username" : "testuser1" }, { "_id" : ObjectId("52d2f2f9c60804b25bc5d2cb"), "username" : "testuser2" }, { "_id" : ObjectId("52d2f2f9c60804b25bc5d2cc"), "username" : "testuser3" }] –  vbNewbie Jan 28 at 16:04
@vbNewbie you mean you want to query only the username field without even the _id of that document? –  I3arnon Jan 28 at 16:06
yes sir. Is that possible? I need to map this data to a grid and would like to ignore the _id. –  vbNewbie Jan 28 at 16:26
I think it's better to do that in the client. I'm not sure it can be done in the db. here: cursor.Select(document => document["username"]) –  I3arnon Jan 28 at 16:38
you mean separate what data I need from the result set? –  vbNewbie Jan 28 at 16:50

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