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If I have a method such as:

public void MyMethod(int arg1, string arg2)

How would I go about getting the actual names of the arguments? I can't seem to find anything in the MethodInfo which will actually give me the name of the parameter.

I would like to write a method which looks like this:

public static string GetParamName(MethodInfo method, int index)

So if I called this method with:

string name = GetParamName(MyMethod, 0)

it would return "arg1". Is this possible?

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public static string GetParamName(System.Reflection.MethodInfo method, int index)
    string retVal = string.Empty;

    if (method != null && method.GetParameters().Length > index)
        retVal = method.GetParameters()[index].Name;

    return retVal;

The above sample should do what you need.

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Try something like this:

foreach(ParameterInfo pParameter in pMethod.GetParameters())
    //Position of parameter in method

    //Name of parameter type

    //Name of parameter
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without any kind of error checking:

public static string GetParameterName ( Delegate method , int index )
    return method.Method.GetParameters ( ) [ index ].Name ;

You could use 'Func<TResult>' and derivatives to make this work for most situations

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no error checking is just asking for trouble. –  Tom Anderson Dec 4 '08 at 21:19

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