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Following the instructions on, I get an error on the first step:

    error: {
        error_code: 100,
        error_msg: 'One of the parameters specified was missing or invalid: aid undefined',
        request_params: [
            { key: 'oauth', value: '1' },
            { key: 'method', value: 'photos.getUploadServer' },
            { key: 'v', value: '5.2' },
            { key: 'access_token', value: 'REDACTED' },
            { key: 'aid', value: '186300854' },
            { key: 'owner_id', value: '240220170' }

However, the aid (album ID) parameter is clearly specified.

As seen, I've tried specifying owner_id in addition to aid, to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Answer seems to be that the album ID parameter is now called album_id, and not aid (despite the English docs and error messages refer to aid).

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