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I have a simple WinForm Application en Visual Studio 2013, Framework 3.5 and I use WIX to get the .MSI file.

I want to do a Silent Instalation so i use

         p.StartInfo.FileName = "msiexec.exe";
            p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
            p.StartInfo.Arguments = "/i foo.msi /qn";

The problem is that using /qn the instalation did no work.

If I do the instalation without that parameter, the application is installed.

Any Ideas?

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See How To: Get a Log of Your Installation for Debugging. Check your InstallExecuteSequence vs InstallUISequence. Check the return value of p.Start and the final value of p.ExitCode. –  Tom Blodget Jan 29 at 3:03
Thanks, I looked the Log file.. It's give me an error 'MainEngineThread is returning 1603' I do not what it means. Any way, I get a Silent Instalation, only thing reminder it to Hide Progress Bar.. –  Diego Jan 29 at 13:37
possible duplicate of WIX 3.8 msiexec.exe /quiet Error 1603 –  Tom Blodget Jan 29 at 23:38

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