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I'm trying to compile a libpng library. The thing is that I need a specific version of this library - 1.2.37 - because the project I'm using it in is written with this version. I've found the source code of this version here (GnuWin32 project).

But the folder structure looks something like this:


See, the CMakeLists.txt is one level deeper than the source files.

I've tried:

  1. source directory libpng-1.2.37-src/ -> resulted in error: The source directory does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt
  2. source directory libpng-1.2.37-src/scripts -> resulted in multiple errors: File libpng-1.2.37-src/scripts/scripts/ does not exist.
  3. copy CMakeLists.txt from /scripts to /libpng-1.2.37-src and set source directory to /libpng-1.2.37-src -> resulted in error: The source "/libpng-1.2.37-src/CMakeLists.txt" does not match the source "/libpng-1.2.37-src/scripts/CMakeLists.txt" used to generate cache.

What should I do to make it work? I don't know why the CMakeLists.txt file would be included if it can't be used.

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I believe you should try 3. again, but wipe the binary directory before that. The error comes from changing the source dir while keeping the cache intact - it should work if you start in a fresh binary dir. – Angew Jan 28 '14 at 15:39
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The INSTALL file explicitely says:

If you want to use "cmake" (see, copy CMakeLists.txt
from the "scripts" directory to this directory and type

   make install

And as a side note, before this it says that the classic way to install it is:

On Unix/Linux and similar systems, you can simply type

    ./configure [--prefix=/path]
    make check
    make install

It sounds like you did right with 3), however you forgot to cleanup the build dir before trying again.

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Why do I feel like this answer is telling me there's a solution somewhere else – geotheory Dec 12 '15 at 9:16

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