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I am storing localstorage data in an array. My code is:

 var a;
//is anything in localstorage?
if (localStorage.getItem('session') === null) {
    a = [];
} else {
     // Parse the serialized data back into an array of objects
     a = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('session'));
 // Push the new data (whether it be an object or anything else) onto the array
  document.write(a + "<br>")
 // Re-serialize the array back into a string and store it in localStorage
 localStorage.setItem('session', JSON.stringify(a));

where datais:

var data = {name: "abc", place: "xyz"}

On every page refresh, my data is getting multiplied like this:

[{name: "abc", place: "xyz"}, {name: "abc", place: "xyz"}, {name: "abc", place: "xyz"}, {name: "abc", place: "xyz"}]

I want to store data only if value of data changes means instead of {name: "abc", place: "xyz"}, I have {name: "ijk", place: "uvx"}. How can I avoid data getting multiplied on each page refresh?

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@Palvo I guess localstorage is part of HTML5 – user2567857 Jan 28 '14 at 15:48

You have to look into a before inserting new data.

if (!a.some(filterData(data)) {

function filterData(data) {
  return function(item) {
    return === && ===;

You could achieve the same thing with a loop:

var found = false;
for (var i = a.length; i--;) {
  if (a[i].name === && a[i].place === {
    found = true;

if (!found) {
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