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I have dynamo db table and i would like to rename it. There does not seems to be any commands or options to rename a table. Has anybody renamed a table before?

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Currently no, you would need to create a new table and copy the data from one to the other if you really needed a new table name.

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But how do you purge the data from the old table? Here is my usecase... –  Gowtham Jan 28 at 20:22
You would just delete the old table when you are done copying all the old records to the new table. –  E.J. Brennan Jan 28 at 22:21
I am forced to created additional tables to hold on to the data i want to copy over, because if a table is actively used in production i wont be able to delete it. –  Gowtham Jan 29 at 2:52
@Gowtham yes, that is true. There are no synonyms in DynamoDB; if someone is querying table foo there is no way to make them query bar unless they push a change to their code in production. –  Cory Kendall Jan 30 at 1:41

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