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What is the best approach for the following setting: A long list if items (several hundred persons) and after clicking on a list entry a new dialog opens with item details.

There are several options (see also here):

  1. use a "dummy" model and one view and change the attributes of the dummy models -> does not reflect changes to the original model
  2. change the model of one already existing view
  3. everytime a click on the list is made a new view is created which the model -> performance issues?
  4. use the marionette framework -> there is little documentation which makes it hard to understand for me
  5. use JSPerf View -> I tried the online demo but on fast scrolling there were several errors

I tried option 2 but there seem to be memory leakes.

ReusableView = Backbone.View.extend({
    setModel: function( model) {
        // unbind all events

        // set new model
        this.model = model;
            "click": "onClicked",
            "mouseover": "onMouseOver"

Here is a fiddle were lots of models can be created showed to the user with a single view. Type in the number of models to be created and click on create models.

Questions: Why are there memory leakes? How can I properly clean up after using a model?

For memory allocation I used chrome and its task manager. Memory consumption around 30M for 70000 views.

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You can just call this.delegateEvents() and it will pull them in from your events hash. –  Andrew Jan 28 at 18:23

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This is the solution I figured out after reading and testing a lot:

setModel: function( model) {
    // unbind all view related things

    // clear model
    if ( this.model) {

    // set new model and call initialize
    this.model = model;
    this.delegateEvents( this.events);    // will call undelegateEvents internally      

The overall view stayed the same and all children are changed.

You can find the fiddle here http://jsfiddle.net/stot/H4qPG/20/ I created 1.000.000 models and according to chrome task manager the memory consumption was stable over the loooong time of this test.

Useful information:

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