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My app needs to collect the location every 100 meter user moves including background. I start the location service in foreground and keep it running even app goes in background. Below is the code (using MonoTouch) i have

if (iPhoneLocationManager == null) {
    iPhoneLocationManager = new CLLocationManager ();

iPhoneLocationManager.PausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically = false;
iPhoneLocationManager.ActivityType = CLActivityType.AutomotiveNavigation;
iPhoneLocationManager.DesiredAccuracy = CLLocation.AccurracyBestForNavigation;
iPhoneLocationManager.DistanceFilter = 100;

Location service starts well and captures data but after some time it stops capturing data.

I have also enabled the Background Modes- Location Update and Background Fetch in Info.plist.

Does iOS kills the app after some time along with location service.

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