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I have just installed lotus designer 9, and I created a new project with a notebook template. Now I am looking through forms, views, pages etc. and I can see all the controls, at the bottom I have so-called 'programmers pane', but if I wanted to put some of my own html, or adjust a little bit the existing one, I cannot.

So my question is - how do I enable html view? When I open a form, and go to View, I can see that there is an option HTML Editor, but it is grayed out, what am I missing?

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HTML is not the storage format for forms, behind the scenes. Forms are stored in a proprietary rich text format, and conversion between that and HTML is not exact. So there is no "HTML view" of a Notes form.

You can type HTML text onto the form, highlight it, and designate it as "pass-thru" (Menu 'Text > Pass-Thru HTML'). If accessed via the web, the exact HTML you enter here will be included in the HTML sent to the browser. The Notes client will also convert pass-thru HTML to Notes rich text for display, provided this option has been enabled in the form properties.

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There is also the Preview In Browser feature in the menus. (I don't have ND9 installed, so I can't say exactly where.) – Richard Schwartz Jan 28 '14 at 22:33

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