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I am getting a Run-time error '1004': Method 'Ranger' of object '_Worksheet' failed on the following code.

Public sh2 As Worksheet
Public sh1 As Worksheet
Public wb1 As Workbook
Public OtherWB As Object

Sub Test()

Set wb1 = ThisWorkbook
Set OtherWB = GetObject("C:\OtherWB.xlsm")
Set sh1 = wb1.Worksheets("Sheet1")
Set sh2 = OtherWB.Worksheets("Sheet1")

sh2.Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1), ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3)).Copy
sh1.Range("c8").PasteSpecial xlPasteAll

End Sub

Basically I want to copy from OtherWB.xlsm which is already opened in another instance of Excel and paste it to the current workbook. The 2nd instance is necessary here as the system uses multiple monitors. I can pull cell data no problem with other properties but when it comes to using "Copy", things go a bit haywire. Is Copy not a permissible property when using Excel woorkbooks as objects?

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in what line have you got an error? –  simoco Jan 28 at 16:41
sh2.Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1), ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3)).Copy It lets me select the cell. –  Josh Jan 28 at 16:50
Read this. Maybe it could help –  simoco Jan 28 at 17:05
No it didn't. Thanks though. –  Josh Jan 28 at 17:15
I got wierd results trying to copy between instances. This did work though: sh1.Range("c8").Resize(1, 3).Value = sh2.Range("B7").Resize(1, 3).Value –  Tim Williams Jan 28 at 17:44

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You cannot use the ActiveCell of a different workbook without specifying so.

Try :

With sh2
    .Range(.ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1), .ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3)).Copy
End With


I didn't try the above code, in case it doesn't work, try to replace :

sh2.Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1), ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3)).Copy

with :

sh2.Range(sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 1), sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 3)).Copy


Also note that the .Copy method has a Destination parameter, which can be in a different workbook. Read the MSDN Range.Copy Method Reference.

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sh2.Range(sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 1), sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 3)).Copy <---- We're getting closer. This copied, but when I went to paste, it pasted it as a picture object onto the other workbook. –  Josh Jan 28 at 18:16
Try : sh2.Range(sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 1), sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 3)).Copy Destination:=sh1.Range("c8") –  Bernard Saucier Jan 28 at 18:40
Copy method of range class failed. –  Josh Jan 28 at 19:20
Now that I look at it, it makes sense; the copied range is not the same size as the destination range. Try : sh2.Range(sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 1), sh2.Range("A7").Offset(0, 3)).Copy Destination:=sh1.Range(sh1.Range("C8"), sh1.Range("C10")) –  Bernard Saucier Jan 28 at 20:02
Dang, thought that was it. Same error. –  Josh Jan 28 at 20:06

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