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I try to create simple figure with:

xlim([datenum('14-Aug-2005') datenum('28-Aug-2005')])
ylabel('Value (m)')
xlabel('Date (2005)')

where sample_time and sample_value is a variable <12385x1 double>.

However the displayed xtick is only 3 (08/14 08/21 08/28)

How to add more xtick ? (08/14 08/16 08/18 08/20 08/22 08/24 08/26 08/28)

I try to modify with xtick and xlabel but then the whole data is shown (the xlim effect is appended)

Can anybody gives me a solution, please?

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I guess there would be a conflict if we use datetick and xtick together. Is that true? – Santosa Sandy Jan 31 '14 at 16:25

You probably want to use


Obviously, you can create the cell array programmatically based on your data rather than manually.

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Thank you @am304. However I had try to do that but it still does not make any different. I also try to put additional line set(gca,'XTick',{732538.0,732540.0,732542.0,732544.0,732546.0,732548.0,732550.0‌​,732552.0}) but still come with same result. – Santosa Sandy Jan 28 '14 at 17:31

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