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I added the command line setting “-mfpu=neon” so that I could use NEON instructions.

But that causes a weird compile error:

1>C:\Misc\nacl_sdk\vs_addin\examples\video_app\hello_world_gles\src\YUVBlock16x8.cpp(158,1): internal compiler error : in set_minipool_offset, at config/arm/arm.c:12961
1>   }
1>   ^
1>  libbacktrace could not find executable to open

If I comment out the code in the function, it compiles/links successfully.

BUT, the resulting NaCl module doesn’t load on the ChromeBook. In the console I see:

NativeClient: NaCl module load failed: Validation failure. File violates Native Client safety rules.


… Run sel_ldr in debug mode to ignore validation failure.

… Run ncval <module-name> for validation error details.

… reap logs

I haven't included the neon header or used any neon instrinsics/assembly yet.

C:\Misc\nacl_sdk\vs_addin\examples\video_app\hello_world_gles\NaClARM\newlib\Release>..\..\..\..\..\..\..\pepper_29\tools\ncval video_app_arm.nexe


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Changing the optimization flag from -O3 to -O2 fixed the compile problem and validation problem. My code is slightly faster, too.

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