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I want to show code in asp.net page , how to show code snippet that it will look in same colors as it looks in visual studio , best examlple i can give is this stackoverflow.com itself we can put code fragment in our question which looks well colored giving better user exprience

i have just no clue ? also how to store code snippets when user enters them ?

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StackOverflow uses Prettify for syntax highlighting.

What do you mean by how to store code snippets? You might want to post that as a separate question with a little more detail.

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i mean if my code snippets are stored in database as varchar(max) or comming from some word document. Is it possible to format it ? but thanks , your answer helped –  Ajay Kelkar Jan 26 '10 at 17:56
@Ajax2020, yes. Have a look at the README file for prettify. Basically you just need to output the text and wrap it in a <pre class="prettyprint"> or <code class="prettyprint"> –  Brandon Jan 26 '10 at 18:07

You probably want to start with Google Prettify which is the same code coloring tool used here on Stack Overflow.

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The solution you're looking for is called syntax highlighting.

Prettify is a popular one, but I've used SyntaxHighlighter before and it is quite nice.

SyntaxHighlighter helps developers to display code on their website.

Also, Syntax Highlighter recently added a hosted syntax highlighter "service."

Extra: Shanselman Speaks on Syntax Highlighting

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