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I'm trying to rearrange a simple page menu on this WordPress website: dmsymphony.org/support

I've got it right on the main navigation, but not the order of the actual displayed content. The code shows that it's pulling in the sub-pages by their ID, but it doesn't sort them in ascending or descending order, so I'm not sure what's going on. I've also got the page attributes on WordPress set to "Order" and it's sorting them correctly from the backend, but not on the front end.

It needs to go:
Personal Giving
Legacy Giving
Corporate Support

Any insight? Thanks!

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I guess you should share which version of WP you are using and what theme you have setup. Check if the them is supporting multiple menus. Looks like you created your own theme???

If your theme is supporting multiple menus, you may want to: Create a dedicated menu and add the pages to it, sort it anyway you want Use this new menu as "custom menu" for the page

One of probably many options depending on your theme.

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