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I am working on multiple websites in asp.net mvc. Some websites are top level domains and some are subdomain but all these websites are hosted on same server.





I want all these websites should access same directory for save and retrieve some files in this way i can manage files efficiently.



Currently every website is handling data its own wwwroot directory so when i need these files on different website then i have to do lot of work for retrieval.

For this purpose i have created folder out side the websites directory and point out as virtual directory in one websites. I tried to repeat same process for other websites but can 't do this because hosting server does not permit me to point out virtual directory on same folder.

So my question is this limitation of IIS. Is there any other technique to do this task in better way?

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Virtual directory is the only way I know of to do what you ask. It sounds odd that you have a limitation of one virtual directory pointing to the same folder, maybe you need a new host.

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