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I am confused about how to enter the open source community? What I mean, is how do I choose a project which best suites me? And how do I carry it further?

I am new in this field...

I have knowledge of C, C++ and Java. How should I begin?

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It's likely more straightforward than you think.

  • The easiest way is to start with a piece of software that you use regularly and know how it works. Even better if you have an idea of some small deficiency it has, or improvement to be made.
  • Join the -user and -dev mailing lists (possibly lurking for a while before now to get a feel for the community) and start posting. Just offering your honest help and advice should go a long way if you really do know the product.
  • Make a small improvement to functionality and submit a patch for it. This can either be an improvement you thought of yourself or something you saw on the project's bug database.

Basically, just be active on the communication channels (mailing lists/forums), come across as a competent programmer and a reasonable human being and any project should be happy to have your assistance.

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Start with http://sourceforge.net/.

Pick the project you like.

Carry it further - communicate with whoever maintains the project and ask them wha needs to be done or offer your suggestions.

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