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I have a text file with three columns. I want to read only the first and the third. The second column is formed by a name or date.

Input file                    | Data read

7.1 2000-01-01 3.4 | 7.1 3.4

1.2 2000-01-02 2.5 | 1.2 2.5


5.5 Unknown 3.9 | 5.5 3.9

1.1 Unknown 2.4 | 1.1 2.4

Could someone give me a hint how to do this in C++?


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LihO, Thanks for your help. However when I have a file with several columns how do I read them all. But always jumping the second column. –  Bruno José Vicente Jan 28 '14 at 20:07

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"Could someone give me a hint how to do this in C++?"

Sure thing:

  1. go through your file line by line using std::getline, reading every line into std::string line;
  2. construct a temporary std::istringstream object for every line
  3. Use >> operator on this stream to fill a variable of type double (1st column)
  4. Use >> again to read 2nd column into std::string that you won't actually use
  5. Use >> to read another double (3rd column)

i.e. something like:

std::ifstream file;
std::string line;
while (std::getline(file, line)) {
    if (line.empty()) continue;     // skips empty lines
    std::istringstream is(line);    // construct temporary istringstream
    double col1, col3;
    std::string col2;
    if (is >> col1 >> col2 >> col3) {
        std::cout << "column 1: " << col1 << " column 3: " << col3 << std::endl;
    else {
        std::cout << "This line didn't meet the expected format." << std::endl;
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Is this at all relevant?

vector<string> v;
boost::split(v, line, ::isspace);

After splitting each individual line you would save only the 0th and 2nd index of array v.


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Could someone give me a hint how to do this in C + +?

Just use std::basic_istream::operator>> to put the skipped data to a dummy variable, or use std::basic_istream::ignore() to skip input until the next field delimiter you specify.

Best way to solve it should be reading line by line (see std::string::getline()) using a std::ifstream, and then parse (and skip columns as mentioned above) each line separately, using std::istringstream in a loop over all lines in the input file.

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The problem was solved as follows:

int main()
ifstream file("lixo2.txt");
string line; int nl=0; int nc = 0; double temp=0;

vector<vector<double> > matrix;

while (getline(file, line))
size_t found = line.find("Unknown");
line.erase (found, 7);
istringstream is(line);

vector<double> myvector;

while(is >> temp)
    nc = nc+1;

 nl =nl+1;

return 0;

Thanks to everyone!!

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