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I didn't get a definitive answer to this question by Google'ing, so I pose it to the groupthink masterminds and to ensure that a quality answer can be Google-able in the future.

Using log4j RollingFileAppender, I can set the maximum size I want the file to reach before rolling over on itself, like so:

RollingFileAppender rfa = new RollingFileAppender();
rfa.setMaximumFileSize(500000000); // Sets the max file size to 500MB

Now, what if I don't ever want this file to be rolled over? How do I set the RollingFileAppender maximum file size to unlimited?

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RollingFileAppender extends FileAppender to backup the log files when they reach a certain size.

If you don't want to roll it over, then simply use FileAppender.

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Just use Long.MAX_VALUE. Then you're already on a technical limit.

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+1 - This is a GREAT idea I didn't even think about! –  karlgrz Jan 26 '10 at 18:27

Just use a FileAppender.

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talking peanuts:

make sure your filesystem does support the filesize you want to achive. technically it will never be an unlimited filesize due to filesystem restrictions.

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