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Has anybody had a luck trying to use vertx bihind a corporate proxy? I have tried whatever possible ways that comes to my head to provide the proxy information to vertx. Nothing works so far.

set environment variable http_proxy=http://mycorporate.proxy.com:8080 - no luck

set environment variable VERTX_OPTS='-Dhttp.proxyHost=mycorporate.proxy.com -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080' - no luck

set environment variables http.proxyHost=mycorporate.proxy.com http.proxyPort=8080 no luck

Injecting extra echo into vertx command I can see that proxy related parameters are being passed to JVM correctly but required module still can't be downloaded ("vertx run hello.js" just stuck obviously trying to download io.vertx~lang-rhino~2.0.0-final)

Proxy itself is ok - I'm using it with no problem for maven, sbt and other different stuff requiring proxy Same laptop being used from home can successfully run "vertx run hello.js" with downloading io.vertx~lang-rhino~2.0.0-final (for the first run)

I have just started evaluating vertx for our company needs and this is my very first choking point hindering my further attempts to make a decision. So far I have to follow next steps as workaround: 1 Run from home and get whatever required modules in sys-mods. 2 Manually upload the module(s) to sys-mods on the test server when back to the office. Obviously this is not a normal way to run anything.

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I suggest you ask vert.x related questions to vertx google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/vertx, there you can get response quickly.

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To set the proxy, edit vertx.bat (if you are on Windows) and add

set JVM_OPTS=-Dhttp.proxyHost=xxxx -Dhttp.proxyPort=xxxx
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I had similar problem. I figure out that HttpClient form does not read settings from JVM_OPTS. So solution was following:

Edit your vertx.bat(sh)

set JVM_OPTS=-Dhttp.proxyHost=xxxx -Dhttp.proxyPort=xxxx

and then in code related to httpClient try sth like this

   HttpClient client = vertx.createHttpClient();
    String proxyHost = System.getProperty("http.proxyHost", "none");
    Integer proxyPort = Integer.valueOf(System.getProperty("http.proxyPort", "80"));



and later in code releted to HTTP request

   MultiMap map = new CaseInsensitiveMultiMap();
   map.add("Host", domainName); //get domain of REQUESTED_URL                 
   client.getNow(REQUESTED_URL, map, new new Handler<HttpClientResponse>(){...});
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