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I am writing a Spring Batch job that is composed of 4 independent steps and would like to distribute the work over the nodes of the cluster. I was thinking about using a flow to break the job into 4 jobs that execute in parallel. Each of the 4 jobs would be configured to run as a single partition. It appears to work (not fully tested in a cluster) but requires a definition of separate PartitionHandlers, Request and Response Channels, and Outbound Gateway.

Can any of these entities be reused across partitioned steps?

Any other suggested approaches ?

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For parallel processing, I can advice this doc


<job id="parallelJobExample">
    <split id="parallelProcessingExample" task-executor="taskExecutor">
            <step id="step1" parent="independetJob1"/>
            <step id="step2" parent="independetJob2"/>

<step id="independetJob1">
        <chunk reader="parallelReader1" processor="parallelProcessor1" writer="parallelWriter1" commit-interval="1000"/>

<step id="independetJob2">
        <chunk reader="parallelReader2" processor="parallelProcessor2" writer="parallelWriter2" commit-interval="1000"/>

İf you need jms example, I could also provide.

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