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Is it possible to synchronize the method when we extend Thread rather than implementing Runnable?

I know that when we use Runnable, it is possible. But when we do Thread t1 = new Thread();, can this be done?

How can it be synchronized?

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Could you please provide an example of your code (using Runnable)? –  Rafael Borja Jan 28 '14 at 20:47
You can do all the things with Thread which can be done by Runnable except that you can not extend any other class if you extend a class with Thread. –  RP- Jan 28 '14 at 20:48

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Synchronization is orthogonal to the class on which the method is defined. You can use synchronized in any method. It just means there's a mutex guarding that block of code.

public class MyTotallyUnspecialClass {
    synchronized public void someTotallyUnspecialMethod() {
        // this method is synchronized, with a mutex on "this"
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There is no effect on synchronization whether you extend Thread or implement Runnable. When you synchronize a method , you get a lock on the OBJECT and not the thread - so it really does not matter.There are many SO topics that discuss the distinction between these 2 approaches (extending thread vs implementing Runnable)

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