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Can someone help? I'm using a combo box from an entity datasource. The Combo box Field is the UOMFK field in the UOMEXT table. It is an integer. I don't want the user to select an integer number 1. I want the user to see a display member as KG (from the parent UOM table). So the combo box will offer a selection of KG, Litres, it will save an integer 1 or 2. When the user scrolls through records the display member is KG or Litres not 1 or 2.

I have two tables. A UOM Table and a UOMEXT table: UOM table has two fields: ID, UOM (example data, 1, 'KG'; 2, Litre, etc

The UOM table is the parent and the UOMEXT is the child table linked via ID->:UOMFK

UOMEXT table has five fields: ID, UOMFK, Unit, Conv, OtherUnit (eg: 1, 1, 'Tonnes',1000, 'KG' so this record is using the KG field in Parent and creating a tonne conversion = 1000 kg.

My problem is that no matter what I try I cannot get the combox to display the member field KG from the parent based on the integer value the field holds.

Is there a simple example of a combobox displaying a text field from the parent table based on its foreign key integer value. I'm using the entity framework and linq and completely lost on this.

I can do this with combos in Access as a front end but not combos in microsoft visual studio using entity framework and linq.

I have no more hair to pull out! Thanks

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