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I have a ruby script. I want to know how long the system has been idle (i.e. no user interaction - the time screen saver activation is based upon).

I believe I can do this in ruby via win32api using user32.dll and GetLastInputInfo, but I can't figure out how... can anyone can help me?


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Here is a sample that calls GetLastInputInfo. I did not study that API, though, to see if it is really giving you the information you are wanting.

require "Win32API"

api = 'user32', 'GetLastInputInfo', ['P'], 'I')
# match the structure LASTINPUTINFO. First 4 byte int is size of struct
s = [8, 0].pack('l*') s )
a = s.unpack('l*')
puts a
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It would appear what you want to do has been done for Linux:

But as for windows the nearest thing I could find is for C#... I don't have a windows machine to hack with but it could well give you an indication as to how GetLastInputInfo can be interacted with:

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On the basis of the answer from Mark Wilkins, I created some script to log the idle time of a user.

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